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~So,normal 90% of you dont read this text but for the ones who do this here are some information about myself

This is my only "blog" site

Hello there,my name is Sarabia
- I live in Germany.
- My age isn't important for you.
-I don't accept fakes. Know who you are.
- I listen to every kind of metal and rock, not because I want to be one of these "HardCore" Kids, its because the lyrics and Instruments.
- I love 30 Seconds to mars and bring me the horizon since 3 1/2 Years now, they describe my Life in the best ways.
- Im not an Emo.
- I nearly accept everyone because I like to meet new People. I mean it nice and all what I get back are Fakes and rudeness. Woah thank you.
- No, I dont want to Like your page. I like what I want.
- I dont search for the one big love of my Life here on facebook so please dont even try it.
- And by the way, Im not interested in cyber sex.
- No, Im not coming to your country just because you wanna see me and we know eachother since.. uhm 10 Minutes?
- I like romantic things. So keep your bad flirts to yourself.
- I want to have many tattoos which describe my life, like 50% of my body should be covered in colors.
- All the things which hurt me in the last years, made me what I am today.

Alter: 20
Schule: BBS in /

Ich mag diese...
DJ Aybee
Lieder: Under
Sendungen: Berlin Tag
Filme: Die Tributen von Panem
Schauspieler: Vin Diesel
Bücher: Twilight

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